Performed at he Pleasance Theatre, London September 2016
Created by: Louise Breckon Richards and Jo Harper
Written By: Jo Harper
Directed by: Steve Grihault
Video Design: Eva Auster
Performed by: Louise Breckon-Richards & Dan Glover

Can You Hear Me Running? charts the real life experiences of Louise Breckon Richards, a performer who loses her voice to a rare condition and decides to overcome it by running the London Marathon. Louise embarks on a journey to re-find her voice and meets a host of characters along the way, from voice professionals to new age healers. In a visually engaging and innovative production, live music, video projection and storytelling are combined to theatricalise this intimate yet universal story about never giving up until the finish line.
Jaw Rattle Productions, established by Steve Grihault, brings together creative collaborators for each new project to explore inventive ways of approaching plays and theatre making; consequently, it remains fresh, playful and dynamic.
Can You Hear Me Running? is funded with generous support from Arts Council England.
Photos by: Graham Saville
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