Performed at Yard Theatre London, Soho Theatre Studio London, Rich Mix London, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, & in Amman, Jordan 2012 - 2014
A girl with a camera returns home to a war zone. British/Iraqi Dina Mousawi brings her experience of that journey from Bradford to Baghdad to the stage to reveal different perspectives on a conflict that has dominated our headlines for the last 10 years. Exploring the role of women in war and in rebuilding a nation, pushing the boundaries of political, visceral theatre, RETURN is a personal response about the female experience of war and occupation.

Written by: Dina Mousawi and 3Fates
Directed by: Poonam Brah
Designed by: Alice Hoult
AV design by: Eva Auster
Cast: Dina Mousawi; Kirsten Short; Lara Sawalha; Rachael Hilton

 Images below  ©EAuster and ©3Fates
Images below copyright of Elliot Franks
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