by Arthur Miller

directed by Helen Tennison

Theatre 2
Thurs, Feb 15 – Sat, Feb 17  
Thurs, Feb 22 – Sat Feb 24 at 7:30
Sun, Feb 18 / Sat, Feb 24 / Sun, Feb 25 at 3:00
In the Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of girls go dancing in the woods with a slave, Tituba.  They are caught by the town minister, Reverend Parris.  When Parris’s daughter falls into a coma-like state a crowd gathers and the talk of witchcraft begins.  The girls’ ring-leader, Abigail Williams, tells them not to admit anything.  But when Betty wakes screaming and a new reverend arrives Abigail starts to accuse townspeople of cavorting with the devil.  The townspeople turn on each other and the witch trials begin, though the fingers pointed at the accused are seemingly for witchcraft they may be truly for darker, more personal reasons – highlighting a fault running deeply through this Puritan community.
Producer/ Artistic Director: Marc Powers
Producer: Matthew Gale
Director: Helen Tennison
Sound Design: Matt Eaton
Projection Design: Eva Auster
Scenic Design: Scott Cooper
Costume Design: Marilyn Gaspardo Bertch
Lighting Design: Rachel Burt
Production Manager: Beau Edwardson
Stage Manager: Olivia Powers
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